Allods Online allows the users to slightly modify the game interface in order to provide additional data. Most used addons include modifications such as damage calculators and minimap display.

Addons are installed in the data\Mods\Addons folder of the game directory.

Links and resources

Recommended Addons

Resource Tools

  • Addons' Tools - Provides images, scripts, etc for other addons, as well as a load/unload interface and timer.


  • Dark DPS Meter - Allows you to see how you compare to others' DPS in your party/raid for the purposes of improving your rotation/build, see the differences stats make to your skills, and/or see the damage weight of your skills.
  • Carni HPS Meter - Same as above except for heals.
  • Anatomy of Self Defense - Break down each attack made against you to determine your defensive statistics. Useful for finding your own weaknesses.
  • Health DB 2 - Provides a rough estimation of enemy HP based on damage input vs. percentage lost.


  • Auto Mount Feed - Automatically feeds your mount when it has 1min or less on the feed timer.
  • Loot Manager - Automatically sells items based on configurable settings. Defaults to grey items, items 4 levels under your level, items not of your class, and drops non-class cursed items (WARNING: Turn this off for doing the uncurse quest for the green item)


  • CT Total - Provides floating damage indicators around your character that displays glance/normal/crits, damage vs. resistance, and approximate damage bursts.
  • Power Auras - Provides you with customizable icons based on when/if settings. Useful for seeing buffs/dots/status/etc. of yourself or the enemy you're targetting.
  • Targets Manager - Provides customizable icons of targets. Customizations include things targetting you/group, things your party/raid leader are targetting, and list of objects that you want highlighted.
  • Unit Detector - Compact enemy awareness tool. Provides the number of friendlies/hostiles in your vicinity as well as the names and types of the top few. Also includes a simplified 2D marker (shows behind walls) for an object matching the string typed into it.

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