Q=Quest R=Reward Exp=Experience s=silver c=copper

Savior’s Coast Evermeet Isle

See Selene de Ardeur: Complete “Path to Novograd” quest. Reward:

(Scroll down) survivor’s shield or discolored potion plus 2s, 14c and a minor potion of power.

See Selene de Ardeur: Q: The Mysterious Stone. Go to Astral shore and activate meteorite stone (the black stone is already in your bag (inventory).

You’ll end up right back in front of Selene de Ardeur. R: 140 exp and gained 24c.

Q: Conversation with Amanda: Find Amanda. R: 24c and gained 140 exp. Push “m” for map and go to the green flag at the scout camp. If you mouse over the green flag you will see the name of the quest, “Conversation with Amanda”.

Go down stairs. You will see Gibberlings, “Dumpling Family”

Q1: Salvaging Expedition Q2: Hunting Season **Accept both

Q1: Salvaging Expedition: Investigate the crabs for an astral pearl and report back to Dumpling Family. R: 48c and gained 1000 survivors reputation.

Q2:Hunting Season: Get 8 pcs of lean venison and report back to Dumpling Family. R: 95 c and gain 560 exp. Plus 1000 survivors reputation and the bottled potion, “river water“.

Look slightly to the left and you will see Alice de Doucer.

See Alice de Doucer: Q: The Scaly Menace . Kill 10 forest adders and report back to Alice de Doucer. R: 95c, 560 exp, 1000 survivors reputation plus a minor potion of power.

This gives you several quests to work on. Kill crabs, then deer and adders since they are in the same area.

Q: Dumpling Family: A Gift From the Gods:. Take mysterious box of supplies to Amanda de Desirae. R: choice of old-fashioned cloth breeches, or old-fashioned leather boots plus 48c, a minor potion of power, 280 exp. And 1000 survivors reputation.

Q: Dumpling Family: Fruits of Love. Gather 5 rose berries. R: 420 exp. and 1000 survivors reputation. TURN into: Nikolai Rubtsov at the scout camp.

Q: Nikolai Rubtsov: The Avenger: Kill 10 ginger lynx and the great ginger lynx. Report back to Nikolai Rubtsov. R: One of the following:

Shoes of the subversive, minor potion of power, book of survival strategies, or claws of the ginger beast plus you’ll gain 280 exp and 1000 survivor reputation.

Q: Bugeyed Family: Gather 8 lynx fangs and 10 lynx claws and return them to the Bugeyed family. R: one of the following: enchanted lynx fang, lynx claw spear, fang studded club or lynx claw rod PLUS gain 95c and 280 exp. And 1000 survivors reputation.

Q: Amanda de Desirae: The Missing Scout: Search for a chest in Twilight forest. R: 48c, a minor potion of power, 140 exp. Plus 1000 survivors reputation.

Q: Amanda de Desirae: The Native Gibberling: Find and use the scroll of healing on Ton the Windblower. R: 69c, 2 minor potions of power, 150 exp and 1000 survivors reputation.

Q: Alfred de Delice: Medicinal plants: Gather 10 plantain leaves and return to Alfred de Delice. R: 40c, frayed bandages, 70 exp. And 1000 survivors reputation. REPEATABLE.

Q: Alfred de Delice: Search for the Ancient Ruins: Find the hidden treasure on the western shore. Report back to Alfred de Delice. R: 1s, 38c and 300 exp gained. Is an upright column by dim will-o-wisps kinda hidden with debris on the ground and huge head on ground.

Q: Alfred de Delice: Lights on the Shore: Find a ghostly light from killing a will-o-wisp near the June ruins on the western shore. After looting the ghostly light place it by right clicking at the last set of ruins. You will also receive 1s, 38c plus 300 exp. and 1000 survivors reputation.

Q: Amanda de Delice: Ancient Stones. At June ruins. R: 69c and 150 exp.

Q3: Q4: Q5: Q6: Q5: Daniel de Pluie on the western shore.

Q3: Theory Number one: Hunger: Collect 10 stringy crab meat from Thorny Crabs. R: 1s, 8c plus gain 300 exp. And 1000 survivor reputation.

Q4: Theory Number Two: Loneliness: Gibberling Family portrait. Found in chest by boat. R: gain 150 exp. Plus 1000 survivors reputation.

Q5: Theory Number Three: Fear: Giant Crab Head from Giant Crab.

R: your choice of cracked hunting axe, rusty hunting pole or scavenged wand plus gain 1s, 38c and 1000 survivor reputation.

Q6: Ton the Windblower’s story: Go See Amanda de Desirae. R: Choice of

Explorers cloth shirt or explorers leather jacket plus explorers wooden shield and gain 69c plus 150 exp. And 1000 survivors reputation.

Q7: The Damned Soul (aka “DS”): Boss mob, group needed. R: Choice of hermit’s crossbow or sparkling crystal wand. You will also receive 3s, 14c plus 425 exp.

Q: Amanda de Desirae: Astral Components: Explore south shore for boat. You’ll find big blue floating crystal. R: 69c and 150 exp.

Q. Amanda de Desirae: The Suspicious Ship: Find ship’s log inside the ship on a table. R: choice of Linen shirt of the lost or Salty leather shirt. Plus 1s, 38c and gain 300 exp. And 1000 survivors reputation.

Q. Alfred de Delice: The Birth of a Masterpiece: Collect 10 owl feathers, 5 birch bark scrolls and 3 black chokeberries. Return to Alfred de Delice.

R: Choice of old-fashioned leather breeches, minor potion of power or old-fashioned cloth pants. Plus you gain 300 exp. And 1000 survivors reputation.

Q: Amanda de Desirae: Following Lok’s Trail: Go see Lok inside cave. R” Choice of warped wooden staff, rusty bronze sword or rough wooden bow PLUS gain 1s, 92c and gain 320 exp. Plus 1000 survivors reputation.

Q Amanda de Desirae: Amanda’s Attempt: Find Mysterious Benefactor. He is found on other side of cave up path to top of hill. R: 34c and gain 75 exp.


Q: Lok the Knife: The Benefactor’s Shelter: Kill Arsene de Vevre (the necromancer) and then talk to the Nameless One. R: choice of Stranger’s rod, Minor potion of power or rusty hunting spear plus receive 1s, 92c and gain 32 exp. Plus 1000 survivors reputation. 



Q: Mysterious Benefactor: The Access Crystal: Kill mutineers until one drops the crystal. Return to Mysterious Benefactor. R: 96c and 160 exp.

Q. Mysterious Benefactor: The Battle for the Nautilus. Go to the ship and bring 3 items back to the mysterious one.

1) Ancient June Cup 2) Sacrificial Dagger 3) Obsidian Rod

R: choice of sandy cloth robe, sandy leather blouse or sandy leather pants plus gain 1s, 92c and 320 Exp.


To find:

Sacrificial Dagger: Go up stairs on either side of ship. See staircase with red carpet runner with gold trim on each side. Go up those stairs. Named Boris Seversky may also be there.

Obsidian Rod: From front portal on ship go down first set of stairs. At bottom of stairs turn around 180 degrees and take 2 or three steps so you can see other set of steps going downstairs. See the blue boat wheel to the side of those stairs?? You’ll find the Obsidian Rod there. Sometimes the mob Miroslava Leshinskaya is there too.

Ancient June Cup: Go down those stairs and go straight to the back, big wooden room. Chest on floor. Polar Bear may spawn here.

Q. Nameless One: Forgotten Magic: Missing quest, sorry. 

Q. Nameless One: Returning home. Once you leave Evermeet, you can no longer return. Click the June Relic (big glowing yellow crystal in front of Nameless One). You will be transported to out of Evermeet to the Astral Atoll. R: 96c and 160 Exp.


(Daniel and Ton are from Spark Shore in Evermeet. But when you leave Evermeet, they will be on the Astral Atoll. There are 3 quests on the Astral Atoll.

Q. Daniel de Pluie. The Adventurer’s Stone. Speak to: Portal keeper in Novograd. R: 1 potion of conviction, gain 48c and 80 exp.

Q. Daniel de Pluie. Evermeet Isle Report. Go to League headquarters in Novograd. No specific person named. R: choice of cloth or leather boots of the herald PLUS a herald’s badge and you’ll gain 160 exp., 96c and 500 league reputation.

Q. Ton the Windblower. News for the Gibberlings. Visit Gibberling Embassy in Novograd. No specific person named. R: 96c, 160 exp. And 500 Gibberling reputation.

Step on portal to go to Novograd

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