Coldberg FrostPeak

Contested zone for players level 34 to 36.

History and Culture:

Frozen allod of Coldberg is in hands of Free Traders, namely Sigurd the Swindler, the Gibberling with no siblings, who takes care of the Meteorite Ore reserves in the mines below the surface. But since the demons lauched their attack on the Coldberg along with the mad necromancer who controls undead monsters it is no longer safe for business. Swindler calls for help from all sides - Imperial scientists, League Church of Light and Demon Hunters - to save the ore along with his profit.


Adjacent Regions:

  • Eljune - by ship from Takalik Harbour

Pin-chestAdamantine Chest
Map coldberg
Points of Interest
Adamantine Chest
Map coldberg
Full size

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