Having trouble figuring out just how to make the perfect Demonologist?

I have some tips to help you!!!

First off, lets start off with the stats.

Ok, so you may want to try out PvP right?

Well you'll be summoning monsters and you want them strong too!

The best stat for this? PERCEPTION

Yep, it's a big fancy word and it does some big things with damage.

Next up is something that balances everything out and gives you a better chance at making those awesome CRITICAL HITS!!!

Well, it's simply called LUCK

Build that up and you'll be seeing some awesome criticals sooner or later.

Now everyone likes to have extra health right? This stat is perfect for that!

What will give me more health points??? STAMINA

This gives you health it's always handy to have extra health right?

Demonologist are amazing artists that summon true works of perfection...But that perfection comes with the perfect build.

Remember use one of these stats or do one every other level and you'll see a difference

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