Factions are groups or guilds of NPCs that perform certain duties for their allies.
Every faction has a certain amount of respect for you, which can influence their willingness to sell you their best equipment (Quartermasters are the merchants that are responsible for this), or provide unique services (such as a permit for a second profession).


You can see your status for each faction on your character screen. There are three notable levels of reputation that you can achieve with every faction:

Default reputation level, the Quartermasters will sell you food (which restores more health/mana per second than regular food of the same level range).

At 10000 reputation, you can buy the faction's mediocre items (green-quality).

At 25000 reputation, the Quartermasters will sell you their rarest equipment (blue-quality items or epic and legendary items for certain factions).

Factions that are aligned with the opposing side will appear Hostile. It is possible to gain a small amount of reputation with some of them, though it currently has no significant impact on the gameplay.
Reputation is mostly rewarded for completing quests, and sometimes for killing certain enemies of a faction. Most factions provide at least one repeatable quest that can increase your status to Respected, with some effort.

The League

League factions, in the order of appearance in the game:


Novograd Construction Council

League Crafters' Guild

League Suppliers' Guild

Molotovka Traders




League Army

League Defenders

Expeditionary Corps

The Empire

Nezebgrad City Council

The Xadaganians

The Arisen

The Orcs


Imperial Army

Imperial Sentinels

Rodogor's Regiment of Kirah

Imperial Suppliers' Guild

Imperial Crafters' Guild

Neutral Factions

Eljune Forestfolk



Free Traders

Demon Hunters

Gipatian Ghosts


Time Travellers

The War Dogs Squadron

Master's Attendants

Sarn Cultists


Soldiers of Fortune - reputation with this faction is requiered to obtain access to battleground PvP gear

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