Gipat is contested PvE zone for players level 40 to 42. Fighting players of other faction is possible only in arena.


Long time ago a mighty hero Ath-Zak lived in Gipat. Now pilgrims come to visit this allod to follow his footsteps, to become Chosen One and learn the Revelation that uncovers the mystery of Sarnautian past. In this path, dragon spirits serve as guides and all Gipat as a memorial supervised by unseen Lords. Until something goes wrong ...


Gipatian ghosts in Gipatia village with souls forced to be bound in the material word, wild Orcs led by shaman guarded by lightnings from above, ghostly animals and ruins of civilization lost long time ago. All of this and much more can be found in this zone. And League and Imperial diplomats trying to get advantage in the conditions of forced peace. The search for the Revelation can begin...


Adjacent Regions:


'The Revelations of Gipat' was the name of the Patch [1], where the area of Gipat was introduced.

Full Patch Notes; click here

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