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Kirah is a contested zone for players from level 42 to 45 and uncovers a storyline about time travelling and changing the history. Players travel 100 years to the past to help save the Sarnaut from demons by convincing League and Empire to stop the fighting and to join their forces against common enemy.


Kirah allod used to be Imperial allod rich with deposits of meteorite ore and therefore became a target of League after discovering that meteorite ore works like a protection from Astral. Kirah played important role in the history of modern Sarnaut, because the invasion of the Astral Demons happened here.


At the beginning the zone is only accessible by completing the daily quest Insatiable Time in Crossroads which grants one day ticket to the Kirah.

This zone is divided into three parts with different time (separated by the time barriers). Player will be able to cross the first and second time barrier only after completing certain quests given by The Director.

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