• Do not see the interface raids

• Set "Rafting" in Sivera incorrectly works

• There may be stuck in the conflicts in the application of skills of the Warrior "Snatch"

• Do not store the settings chat

• In the chat system messages are not written

• In the chat is not visible figure in the amount of fonts. Font size is changed by pressing the appropriate button

• Not all members of the group there is a window of the drawing production

• Possible connection to the server error "Invalid certificate". To resolve this problem, try to correctly set the system time on the computer

• Set "tincture of love" in Temnovode difficult to pass

• Possible error in the adventure in KhNPP associated with the sharing of the group object Staves Nezeba required by the task "Fifth Nezeba feat. The subject is played as a normal production

• Possible errors in the group performing the task of "saving Elf" in Oreshek

• Incorrect message when you split the "barrier" at the Templars

• The Challenge "Demon Hunters" on the Plateau Koba markers on the map is incorrect

• Repeatable and daily tasks may disappear from the list of tasks when you exit and re-entering the game

• During trade players with each other do not see the number of items selected for sale

• Setting "Density of grass" is not working

• When you exit the client, possibly dropping customized buttons

• There may be problems with the last section of bank deposits

• In the character creation pets for the orcs Gentiles appear as goblins

Ripped from: [1]

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