This is a new feature, recently introduced via Patch Volume 3: The Fury of War which represents the character’s contribution to the levelling of the character's guild. Loyalty is earned by collecting 50 Marks of Diligence and returning the Marks back into your Faction's Guild Master. You can only enter these Marks through the repeatable quest, completed once a day. The level of Loyalty of players will also affect the amount of Prestige points brought to the guild as a result (which represents the overall level of the guild).

The Loyalty varies from level 10 to level 100. When a new player enters the guild his/her level of Loyalty will be equal to 10, whilst the Veteran and older members of this guild can be up to 100. Loyalty is acquired in the same way as the Prestige points, through collecting 50 Marks of Diligence, although the Loyalty belongs to the individual player and not to the guild.

Loyalty points can go up of course, but they can also go down. They do so if:

  • A member loses the right to wear a Tabard. His/her Loyalty points won’t go higher than 40. If it was lower than 40, then it will remain the same, or it will go down to this value if it was any higher.
  • A character leaves the guild, he/she will see his/her Loyalty fall to 10, and the amount of Loyalty collected will decrease by one tenth (10%), if it was higher than 10. (For example, if a player having 80 Loyalty points leaves the guild, then other guild members will lose 8 points.)

However, if this character enters another guild, his/her amount of Loyalty points will be 10..

In addition, the Loyalty points are reduced by 2 points every day, but won’t fall below 10 points in any case.

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