League Title
Mathilde de Grandeur
Matilda deGrandeur v2
Herbalism Trainer
Race: Elf (Humanoid)
Level: 40 Regular
Hostility: League - Empire
Location: Novograd
Rep. Faction: League Suppliers' Guild

Mathilde de Grandeur is a Herbalism Trainer.

Features in Quests

Help for the League Suppliers' Guild


Name Level Required Price
Herbalist's Training Manual none 38Silver
Herbalist's Oblivion Potion none 38Silver
Rusty Sickle none 4Silver 75Copper
Ordinary Sickle 20 71Silver 25Copper
Sharp Sickle 30 4Gold 75Silver
Pristine Sickle 40 47Gold 50Silver

Pin-defaultMathilde de Grandeur
Map novograd
Mathilde de Grandeur's location
Mathilde de Grandeur
Map novograd
Full size

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