Pets can be obtained by Wardens and Summoners:

  • Different races and classes get different pets
  • Summoners can have 3 different summons, one at a time: Hellion (tank), Lurker (blood collector) and Fiend (magic damage)

KaniansDruid Warden Icon(male) Great Bear
(female) Lynx


DemonologistSummoner Icon

Hellion - Demonic wererat gravedigger
Lurker - Harpy Racial: Dot that heals caster + pet in return.

Fiend - Spider

Gibberlings Animist Warden Icon Sabertooth Squirrel (can train pet to draw an enemy's attention)
Arisen Savant Summoner Icon Hellion - Scorpion-like machine (can heal pet)
Lurker - Flying UFO-like machine with blades instead of wings Racial: 100% Petheal.
Fiend - Sentry gun-like machine with long range attacks
Xadaganians Defiler Summoner Icon Hellion - Undead with 2-Handed sword
Lurker - Banshee Racial:increase Strength and Expertise of the pet by 30%
Fiend - Undead Scout
Orcs Shaman Warden Icon Goblin (can share incoming damage with pet)

Wardens: Warden Icon, Summoners: Summoner Icon

Pet Screenshots

Pets' appearance varies depending on character's level or spell rank:

Pet hellion scorpion 01


Pet fiend robot 01


Pet fiend spider 02


Pet fiend spider 01


Pet hellion rat 02


Pet hellion rat 03


Pet hellion rat 01


Pet Lurker harpy 01


Pet bear 01


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