Recently introduced, in the latest Patch Volume 3: The Fury Of War, Prestige is the overall reputation and level of a character's Guild.

By earning Loyalty through the collection of 50 Marks of Diligence and handing them back into your Faction's Guild Master, you are able to earn Prestige for your guild. The level of Loyalty of players will also affect the amount of Prestige points brought to the guild as a result. The current overall Prestige won by all guild members is seen on the info tab of the guild interface as the blue bar, (accessed by pressing 'G', clicking on the 'Guild Tab').

Prestige is accquired through many means of access, which are:

  • Completing daily tasks collected from the Guild Master of their faction (players have to be level 8 minimum).
  • Battling against the Bosses in Heroic encounters, as well as the World Bosses and the Bosses in Demon City.
  • Participating in the Astral confrontations (with a Guild ship or with your friend's).
  • Participating in the PvP battles in Melting Island.

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