League Title
A Garden City Shall Stand Here
Start Froddy the Fidget
End Froddy the Fidget
Level 14
Category Frozen Frontier
Experience 675
Reputation 250 Gibberlings
Rewards Rod of the Dragon Slayer or
Dragonbreath Shield or
Spear of Frosty Fear or
Ice Cold Dagger
14Silver 85Copper
Previous Latest News
Next Papan's Expedition
I've been doing a lot of thinking...


Collect 5 Underripe, 5 Ripe, and 5 Overripe Fir Cones from Shaggy Island for Froddy the Fidget.



  • Rod of the Dragon Slayer, or Dragonbreath Shield, or Spear of Frosty Fear, or Ice Cold Dagger
  • 675 Experience
  • 250 Gibberlings reputation
  • 14Silver 85Copper


The cones can be found under the pine trees on Shaggy Island. Press T to highlight them.

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