Neutral Title
A Gift from the Dead
Start Worn June Stele
End Worn June Stele
Level 24
Category Asee-Teph
Experience 175
Rewards Mithril Chest
Repeatable Yes, daily
What's this? Some poor warrior struck down by the elementals or some other fierce jungle creature. It looks like he's been out here for a while...
Hmm, he seems to have a pretty big chest with him. I'm sure no one will mind if I make use of his treasure...


Search the skeleton for his treasure.


Many thanks to this poor soul that gave his life to protect this chest.



Currently there are two different locations of this treasure and player can choose one of them:

  • near the Miktlan Ruins Site of Power, on a nearby skeleton. Here is a map that shows its location:

Aseeteph treasure map Aseeteph treasure

  • in Tekyan Thicket there is skeleton lying on the ground
AT treasure
Pin-defaultMithril Chest
Map asee-teph
Mithril Chest
Map asee-teph
Full size

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