League Title
A New Craft
Start Lev Polyakov
End Lev Polyakov
Level 10 (Req. 10)
Category Novograd
Experience 100
Rewards Parchment of the Master Artisan
1Silver 16Copper
Repeatable No
Do you want to learn a second trade? While most do not have the mental capacity to learn the intricacies of more than one profession, it is possible to do. For this reason, only those who have proven their mastery over their first profession will be allowed to train in a second.
When your reputation with the League Crafters' Guild or the League Suppliers' Guild is high enough, then Lela de Ardeur or Feodor Prokhorov will sell you a permit to learn a second profession. After you get the document you should come to me and I'll immediately register you as a Master Artisan with permission to learn a second profession.
All clear? Good, I'll be waiting for you here if you get approved.


Raise your reputation to Respected with the League Crafters' Guild or the League Suppliers' Guild and obtain an Artisan's Permit. Then return to Lev Polyakov to become a Master Artisan.


Few people are capable of so much perseverance and endurance. But these qualities are necessary in a Master Artisan!
Return to me once you have proven yourself worthy.



The Parchment reward from this quest allows you to learn a second profession. You can do this quest only once (it is not a repeatable quest, ignore the repeatable icon). You can also sell the Parchment to other players instead of learning the profession yourself.

This quest requires Respected status by either League Crafters' Guild or League Suppliers' Guild.

In order to achieve that status, you need to complete the repeatable daily quest for that faction. If you have a crafting profession, you will want to do the Help for the League Crafters' Guild quest. If you are a gatherer, you will want the Help for the League Suppliers' Guild quest.

You can do either of them regardless of your profession, but you are likely to already have more reputation with the faction that governs your current profession, so it makes sense to focus on that guild.

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