League Title
Amanda's Attempt
Start Amanda de Desirae
End The Nameless One
Level 1 (Req. 4)
Category Evermeet Isle
Experience 75
Rewards 34 Copper
Previous Astral Components
Next The Access Crystal
I'm afraid I just can't do it! What if something goes terribly wrong... again! I mean, Im not a Great Mage yet!
Bah! I am an Elf, and we Elves never quit! That is the motto of not only the House de Desirae, but of Elves everywhere! If I can't figure out how these Stones work, but there are many lives at stake and we must do something.
I know, what about our mysterious benefactor? If he's powerful enough to send us these supplies without our knowledge, then he's sure to posess great magical talent! Maybe he's even a Great Mage himself! He's got to be on this allod somewhere. Search every corner of it and ask him to help us get home!


Find the mysterious benefactor and ask for his help.


Who are you? I don't like my solitude to be disturbed. But then again, that's already happened, I suppose. These bandits are all over the place.


  • 150 Experience (level 5)
  • 69Copper


Go through the Cave Grotto and talk to The Nameless One:

Mysterious benefactor map Nameless one hill

This quest is developing in a parallel with the The Native Gibberling quest.

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