League Title
Ambushed by Waterfolk
Start Yefim Motolov
End Yefim Motolov
Level 13
Category Siveria
Experience 460
Rewards Fisherman's Smelly Boots
7Silver 45Copper

Ambushed by Waterfolk is a quest given by Yefim Motolov in Gravestein. Your objectives are to kill three Waterfolk Wizards sitting on the cliff across the river from Steep Horn.


You are to find three Waterfolk Wizards (level 12/13) on the cliff across the river from Steep Horn. They are found on the tip of the cliff, gazing over Steep Horn. On the way you might come across Waterfolk Marauders and Waterfolk Sorcerers (also level 12/13). When you have killed three Wizards, return to Yefim Motolov for your reward.

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