League Title
The Birth of a Masterpiece
Start Alfred de Delice
End Alfred de Delice
Level 1 (Req. 4)
Category Evermeet Isle
Experience 300
Reputation 1000 Survivors
Rewards Cloth or Leather Pants, or Minor Potion of Power
Previous Ton the Windblower's Story


Gather 10 Owl Feathers, 5 Birch Bark Scrolls and 3 Black Chokeberries for Alfred de Delice.



  • Cloth or Leather Pants, or Minor Potion of Power
  • 300 Experience (level 6)
  • 1000 Survivors reputation


Press T to highlight the plants and birch stumps (or bind that function to a more convenient button). This will allow you to see them from a large distance. Click on them to gather the scrolls and berries.

The owls are actually NORTHEAST/EAST of the camp, and NOT west (as it says in the quest text).

Birch stump

Birch Stump

Black chokeberry bush

Chokeberry Bush

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