Neutral Title
Connecting with a Martyr
Start Zosim Nikulin
End Zosim Nikulin
Level 33
Category Eljune
Previous The Blessed Rune
Next The Curse of the Astral
Lastly, you must bring me a rune that is imbued with your patron's power. I can see that you are aligned with the Great Martyr Ferr (depends on your patron), so it is his rune you must seek. To perform a ritual of such power, the rune needs to be fairly powerful as well, so make sure to get one that is of the third level.
You can find runes in different pieces of armor or in some weapons, but you might also be able to find one from your companions as well. Search around, and go where your heart leads you - you will find one.
Return to me as quickly as possible when you have the rune. This ritual cannot wait, for every day the darkness spreads farther into our lands.


Bring a Level 3 Rune of your patron to Zosim Nikulin.


Now you have all that you need to reach the third level of patronage. Let us begin.


You can buy the materials for a Level 3 Rune in the auction house or in the Item Shop.

The rune will be removed from your inventory, and will not be returned to you when you complete the quest.

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