League Title
Contacting Your Patron
Start Marina Jidkova
End Marina Jidkova
Level 25
Category Asee-Teph
Rewards 5Silver 88Copper
Next The Holy Rune
Hello dear friend. I see you have earned the favor of one of the Great Martyrs. I am glad you chose to get a patron, for it gives the citizens of the League extra strength. Seeing as we are in the middle of a war, we can use all the extra help we can get.
Luckily, I know a way you can strengthen your connection to your patron. There is a powerful ceremony you can perform, but first you must bring me some Holy Signs.
These signs are carried by others who have found their patrons. To get some for yourself, you should kill those who have them. But naturally you don't want to harm your allies, so that means you're going after the Imperial soldiers. Once you find three of the signs, return to me so we can continue.


Find 3 Holy Signs from the bodies of Imperial soldiers and bring them to Marina Jidkova.


These are perfect. Now on to your next task.


  • 5Silver 88Copper


The Signs can be found on Imperial NPCs around the Tensess Temple.

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