The empire starting quest chain starts aboard the astral ship Invincible, which is besieged by several League ships.

The player wakes up in the sleeping quarters of the ship, to the shouts of ...


Quest 1 - To Arms!

Equip the weapon in your backpack

Quest 2 - Battle Cocktail

Drink the battle cocktail given to you by Birchy Shipina

Defending the Ship

Quest 3 - Baptism by Fire

Fight off the invaders entering the ship by force.


Recruits Leather Jacket

Recruits Cloth Robe

Quest 4 - Cutting through the enemy

Proceed to the door at the end of the room; kill the League Veterans and Troopers

Quest 5 - The Secret Key

Open the vault next to Sarang Minx


Recruits Leather Pants

Recruits Cloth Pants

Quest 4 -

To complete this quest, drink the strength potion.

Note:In progress (The potion, like your weapon, is in your bag).

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