Neutral Title
Find Treasure of Gipat
Start Touchy Family
End Touchy Family
Level 40
Category Gipat
Experience 1000
Rewards 54Silver
Do you know the story of this famous Ath-Zak?
Ah! So do we. He seems to be very famous. And hero means treasure!
We have already examined this wasteland but failed to find anything valuable. Pity, huh?
Maybe you will be more lucky? June ruins are home to great history and mystery. If we wanted to hide treasure, we would do so around ruins.
Have you ever been southwest the Cursed Path? There are isolated ruins there. Seek out ancient treasure!


Examine June ruins southwest of the Cursed Path to find treasure of Gipat. Report back to Touchy Family once you have found it.


Ah, what a pity! Pity that it was not us who found the treasure!
So be it! Surely this is not the last treasure in Gipat! We will find our own treasure! No doubt about it!


  • 1000 Experience
  • 54Silver


This quest prompts you to find the Treasure of Gipat repeatable quest that rewards you with a Meteorite Chest.

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