League Title
Ghost Mail
Start Eye Family
End Eye Family
Level 14
Category Siveria
Experience 720
Reputation 250 Gibberling
Rewards 12Silver 67Copper
Repeatable No
Next On the trail of the Spy

Ghost Mail is a quest given by the Eye Family in Gravestein. It is a level 14 quest. The objective is to take 7 Taiga Owls souls and bring them back to the quest giver.


You are to kill 7 Taiga owls, found in various places around the Gravestein village. Once the owl is dead, a Taiga Owl Ghost will pop up. You have recieved a Soulsucker that can be found in your bag. Select the owl and use this box simply by right-clicking it. Once you have collected 7 of these owl ghosts, return to the Eye Family.

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