League Title
Giant Guardians
Start Dashing Family
End Dashing Family
Level 14 (Req. 13)
Category Siveria
Experience 480
Have you seen the giants? I'm sure you have, I'm talking about those two giant statues in the middle of Siveria - the ones with the horrible, ugly mugs. They say that they've been there since the time of the Zem civilization.
I heard that a treasure was buried not far from those giants. The legends say that they guard it with their stony gaze, but that's just rubbish.
We're dying to get our hands on that treasure, but it's far too scary to go there! But I'm sure you could do it, you look so strong!


Find the hidden treasure to the north and report your findings to the Dashing Family.


  • 480 Experience


This quest prompts you to find the Unexpected Treasure repeatable quest that rewards you with a Steel Chest.

I Think you have to be level 14.

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