League Title
Initiation Ritual
Start Feodor Vetrov
End Feodor Vetrov
Level 15 (Req. 15)
Category Siveria
Experience 125
Previous Preparing for Initiation
Next Astral Resistance
Now that you've collected the Astral Dust, you must release it into the wind.
On the Shore, just to the east, there's a mound where a powerful wind comes in from the Astral. Go there and make your offering to the Martyrs.


Stand on the mound and release the Astral Dust into the wind.


Oh, what a beautiful sight! The moment when I see the light of power surrounding the newly chosen...
This is what I live for...


  • 125 Experience


Climb on the mound and right-click on the dust in your inventory. The mound you need:

Initiation mound


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