Neutral Title
It's Not Junk to Me!
Start Sigurd the Swindler
End Sigurd the Swindler
Level 35
Category Coldberg
Experience 675
Reputation 250 Free Traders Reputation
Repeatable Daily
Database Allodsdatabase.png
Oh, woe is me! With my mine out of commission, I've got no income! And with no income I've got no way to pay and feed my workers!
I have an idea! If you would be so kind as to gather me some mithril chunks, then I could make enough money to feed my boys for a week! Oh, please! You can't imagine how much it would help - I know ho to make a profit out of the most mundane resources!


Collect 20 Refined Mithril Chunks for Sigurd the Swindler



This is quest for Mining profession.

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