Neutral Title
June Fighting Magic
Start Luc de Blizare
End Luc de Blizare
Level Unknown
Category Avilon
Experience 920
Reputation 250 Historians
Rewards Chest armor
44Silver 71Copper
Next A Weapon of the Past
The "Revelation of Tka-Rik" states that the June Great Mages opened the Gates into another dimension...


Investigate the June ruins to the South of the Historians' Camp for Luc de Blizare.


Aha! It's just as I thought - this stele is directly correlated to the June military art...


  • Choose between:
    • Bloodwing Chestguard
    • Breastplate of Repose
    • Tunic of the Harmonious
    • Jerkin of the Opportunist
    • Swiftmind Vestments
  • 44Silver 71Copper
  • 920 Experience
  • 250 Historians reputaton


Go to Totnum Forest ruins and click on the June stele.

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