League Title
Lesson Two: Extracting Runes
Start Mysterious Family
End Mysterious Family
Level 15 (Req. 15)
Category Lightwood
Experience 130
Rewards Small Bag of Crystal Chips
Level 1 Rune
Gold Dust
Previous Lesson One:Embedding Runes
Next Lesson Three:Combining Runes
The second lesson is on extracting runes.
For this, you'll need to purchase a Rune Removal Pick. Luckily, you can find that right here in our shop! Then you'll need to use it to extract the rune from an item. It might take a little while and a couple tries to figure it out, but once you've extracted it let me know.


Buy and use a Rune Removal Pick to remove a rune from an item and then report back to the Mysterious Family.


Good work, your first lesson is complete.



Buy a Rune Removal Pick from the Family (or borrow one from someone), right-click on it and click on the item that has a rune in it.

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