League Title
Men-Khatton Executioners
Start Gordei Vityazev
End Gordei Vityazev
Level 15
Category Siveria
Reputation Molotovka Traders 500
Rewards 5 Ordinary Bandage
7Silver 12Copper
Repeatable Yes, daily
It seems that we're not the only ones interested in purging Siveria of the undead. The Molotov family recently approached me with an unusual request.
Many scouts and mercenaries working for the merchants have been killed in this area. It got to the point that even the most desperate soldiers of fortune refused to work with the family.
The executioners are to blame. They are a special type of undead that is incredibly dangerous and very hard to find. :They attack suddenly and violently from under the snow and after they've killed their victim, they go back into the snow to hide, waiting for a new mark.
The Molotovs have figured out how to find these executioners. They've sent me a vessel containing the soul of a fallen mercenary. If you take this vessel out to the battlefield and release the soul, it will lead you to its killer, and then it's your job to execute the executioner!

The men were killed just to the south of here. The Molotov family has marked off the area.


Kill 5 Rancid Zombies and report back to Georgi Vityazev.


It seems that the merchants are willing to do anything to clean up the filth of Siveria.
I'll inform Molotovs that you have killed some, but the family won't rest until they're all dead. Come back tomorrow after we have received a new vessel.



Use the Vessel of Souls near the Flag (see screenshot).

Men-khatton flag

Flag on the battlefield

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