Empire Title
Scattering Sparks
Start Unknown
End Negus Kheket
Level 7 (Req. 7)
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 170
Rewards Handful of Confetti
1Silver 26Copper
Do you know what happiness is? ...


Go to Nezebgrad Port and disperse the Sparks and report to Negus Kheket when you're done.



The map shows a wrong place to scatter sparks, correct place is to right of Nezedgrad Port and at edge.

It's about an inch to the right on your map from the port building icon on your map. It is between two stone pillars and is actually identified as a different location. You will walk into the area and it will say you are in Stoneclaw Foothills. You can disperse all 5 in the same location just wait for the item to cooldown.


Allods 100924 192025

Nezeb Port

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