League Title
Sea Treasures
Start Agafon Vodopyanov
End Agafon Vodopyanov
Level Unknown (Req. 18-19)
Category Darkwater
Experience 580
Rewards 14Silver 50Copper
I've heard rumors about there being a... hic... a treasure at the bottom of the sea. I've told other travelers about it, but they all shrugged me off as a crazy old drunk... hic! It's their loss in the end, serves them right.
But you, I can tell you're different. I can tell by... hic!... by those kind eyes that you know Agafon ain't fooling you.
I can't give you any more information than that... hic! But I know it's out there, that's for sure. You should go find it and share the wealth with this ol' buddy of yours... hic!


Find the hidden treasure to the east and report your success to Agafon.


Great! Hic... Now that you're rich, how about buying your buddy a drink?


  • 580 Experience
  • 14Silver 50Copper


This quest prompts you to find the Unexpected Treasure (Darkwater) repeatable quest that rewards you with an Steel Chest.

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