Neutral Title
Soothing Aloe
Start Beech the Thickskinned
End Beech the Thickskinned
Level 25 (Req. 25)
Category Eljune
Experience 540
Reputation 1000 Eljune Forestfolk
Repeatable Yes, daily
The forestfolk could see you watching from the bushes. We know that you're spying on us to learn the forestfolk's ways. But us forestfolk know who you are. You don't have to steal - we will gladly tell you our secrets. We simply ask for some aid in return.
Right now we need Aloe. It's the best medicine for burns and dry skin. And us forestfolk have tons of dry skin! If you help us to collect the aloe, our people will forever be your allies.


Collect 10 Potent Aloe for Beech the Thickskinned in the forestfolk' camp.


It's perfect! and now that you know where to find it, you can keep bringing it to us, yes?



Herbalists can sell you this herb, if you have a different profession.

This quest will provide an easy reputation boost from as early as Level 25. Useful until you level enough to complete other Forestfolk quests.

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