League Title
Strange Cultists
Start Unknown
End Lovewise Catfish
Level 1
Experience 6
Rewards Mysterious Ruby

This World Mystery may be bugged in some versions of the game. It is possible to complete at least 71% at the moment of writing this article, though.

Cultists... why would any reasonable creature worship demons, those who try to destroy the world? Who are these people? Madmen, fanatics, the outcasts of the world? Or do their actions have some sort of eerie, inexplicable reason behind them?
Allods world mystery book The Holy Land has become a place of battle not only for the League and the Empire, but demon worshippers as well. The cultists are playing their own incomprehensible game by desecrating the Sites of Power. They need to be stopped and their reasons revealed.
Allods world mystery book It seems that the attention of the cultists is not only focused on the Sites of Power. Wherever possible they instill fear and darkness. Even the smallest allods of Sarnaut will not be safe.
Allods world mystery book The force behaind the cultist is now known. They are lead by Gorluxor, a rebellious Xadaganian Geat Mage. But it is too late to stop what the cultists have put in motion. (this part is available in Tensess Temple 2)
Allods world mystery book The blow from the cultists to Tensess Temple was not fatal. However, a strange Orc named Strina the Fierce has joined the cultists and is using her necromantic powers to destroy Coldberg.
Allods world mystery book The allod of Avilon is one more place that the de Doucer vampires have attempted to destroy. After joining with the cultists, they used the power of an Elven Galleon to wreak havoc. There is one more strange thing that has happened - Gorluxor's name is still mentioned by the cultists despite his death in Tensess Temple.
Allods world mystery book In Dragon Ring a great battle began between the dragons of Soliskar's brood and the risen Gorluxor. The necromancer was defeated once again, but who can guarantee that this is a true victory?
Allods world mystery book



  • 1 Mysterious Ruby (an additional Ruby for your talents grids)
  • 6 Experience

Quest Chain

First part:

Second part:

Third part:

Fourth part:

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