Empire Title
Teleporter Test
Start Martha Convultina
End Martha Convultina
Level 5
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 900
Reputation 500 Nezebgrad City Council
Rewards Minor Potion of Power
2Gold 7Silver
Previous Psychometer Testing 3
Database Allodsdatabase.png
I'm convinced that the emotional background has nothing to do with it and this "Psychometer" is a completely unnecessary device. What can the undead possibly know about emotions?
The most probable explanation is that the portal went off because it was near you for a fairly long time. It became attuned to you! This complicates the rescue operation immensely, but for starters we need to confirm this hypothesis or prove it wrong.
Here is a magical artifact. It's a mini-portal of sorts, identical to the one being investigated in the bunker, but on a much smaller scale. We created this copy in secret in order to keep track of the undead and make sure they weren't making unauthorized changes to the project. Carry the teleporter with you, it needs time to attune itself to you. For starters, go to the slums where the giant termites live.
After you kill a dozen termites, try to activate the teleporter and come right back here. I'll be looking forward to your return.


Giant City Termite (10)

Kill 12 Giant City Termites and return to Martha Convultina of the City Council


If I'm right and extensive adjustments are needed in order to make use of the teleportation device, the entire project may be in trouble…

I hope we don't lose our financing!


That took you a while!

I was expecting you to materialize out of thin air, and here you are WALKING back! The teleporter didn't work?



Minor Potion of Power

  • 2Gold 7Silver

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