League Title
The Bandit's Story
Start "Squealer" Sarkovsky
End Pierre de Desirae
Level Unknown
Category Lightwood
Experience 95
Reputation 100 Elves
Rewards Runed Elven Wand or
Lesser Potion of Power
Previous The Search for an Elven Wizard
Next Searching for the Elven Wizard
So it's like this, our gang's been livin' in this forest for a long time...


Speak with Pierre de Desirae about Antoine's fate.


Two things can be concluded from your story. First, Antoine de Vevre is not your mysterious "N". He could not be fighting off the bandits and helping you on that allod simultaneously.
The second conclusion is that our interference is required.


  • Runed Elven Wand or Lesser Potion of Power
  • 100 Elves Reputation
  • 97Copper
  • 95 Experience

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