League Title
The Curse of the June
Start Unknown
End Lovewise Catfish
Level 1
Experience 6
Rewards Mysterious Ruby
There are a lot of mysteries in the history of our world. They are constantly studied by the Historians - a group of scholars consisting of representatives from all the intelligent races in Sarnaut. If you find something interesting, I'm sure the information would help them in their studies.
Allods world mystery book With the help of the Historians, an investigation of the June ruins has revealed that the Tka Rik Revelation is true - the Curse of the June was an invasion by Astral demons. What does this mean for Sarnaut?
Allods world mystery book By researching the Zem ruins in Coba Plateau, the connection between the Curse of the June and the Astral demons was confirmed. Additionally, it has been revealed that Tep has devoted a lot of time to studying the magic of the June. It's possible he's even trying to unravel the secret behind this Curse.
Allods world mystery book Many secrets were revealed by communicating with some ancient golems. Strange creatures have been discovered that were unknown even to the ancients, and they foretold the death of the world from the Curse of the June. What could this mean?



  • 1 Mysterious Ruby (an additional Ruby for your talents grids)
  • 6 Experience

Quest Chain

First Part:

Second Part:

Third Part:

Fourth Part:

Fifth Part:

Sixth Part:

Seventh Part:

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