League Title
The Elves' Invitation
Start Stepan Ukhanov
End Pierre de Desirae
Level Unknown
Category Novograd
Experience 95
Reputation 100 Elves
Rewards Minor Potion of Power
Next The Search for an Elven Wizard
There you are - I've been waiting for you. There's a letter from the Elven District with your name on it...


Visit the Elven District and speak with Pierre de Desirae.


We need to discuss your recent adventures on that mysterious allod. As far as we know, you happened to meet an Elven Archmage who chose to remain incognito. It is him we'll be talking about. In the mean time, here is the reward you were promised.


  • Minor Potion of Power
  • 100 Elves Reputation
  • 97Copper
  • 95 Experience

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