League Title
The Final Offering
Start Marina Jidkova
End Marina Jidkova
Level 25
Category Asee-Teph
Previous The Holy Rune
Next A Bloody Ritual
The last thing you will need should be very easy to find compared to what you have already brought me. Now tell me, who is your patron? Ferr? Then you need to bring me a second level rune that is imbued with his power.
Runes of the first level can be found in many types of armors and weapons. You can combine two runes of the first level to create one rune of the second level. Many people also sell these types of runes, so you could probably find one on the auction house if you did not want to create one yourself.
Once I have this rune, I can make the final preparations. Then you will be able to start the ritual. Now find the rune and come back as quickly as possible.


Bring a Level 2 Rune of your patron to Marina Jidkova in the Central League Camp.


Finally, all the ingredients have been gathered. Now you can begin the ritual.


You can get the materials for a Level 2 Rune in the Lesson Two:Extracting Runes quest. Otherwise, you can simply buy new ones from the Item Shop or from other players.

The rune will be removed from your inventory, and will not be returned to you when you complete the quest.

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