Empire Title
The Peculiarities of Life in the Capital
Start Ryg the Longarmed
End Pavel Nevolin
Level 5 (Req. 4)
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 75
Next Black Hyenas
Database Allodsdatabase.png
Don't move a muscle! Are you aware that we're having problems with pollution in this area? That's why you have to pay for air! Breathing in will cost you one gold piece, breathing out costs ten. I'll do you a favor this time - here's a monthly pass. I suggest you get some gold together and pay the Black Hyenas or we'll give you some tough love alright. Go ask that beggar what happens to those who don't show respect to the Black Hyenas!


Talk to Pavel Nevolin in the Old Square.


For Nezeb's sake, please spare some coins for food and medicine for an injured worker! I worked hard from dawn till dusk and got injured on the job! I gave up everything I had for the Empire! Please, spare some change!

Oh, Ryg sent you. Yes, he was the one who crippled me…



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