League Title
The Xadaganian Rug
Start Ivan King
End Ivan King
Level 20
Category Darkwater
Experience 450
Reputation 250 Kanians
Rewards Guardian's Plate Gloves or Potion of Power
11Silver 88Copper
Previous The Wonderloaf

The Xadaganian Rug is a follow-up quest to The Wonderloaf, and is given by Ivan King in the Valir Settlement. You are to obtain the Xanaganian Rug from the lair of the Werebears' chief in Werebear Grove and return to Ivan King with it.


You are to go to the Werebear Grove. Here you will encounter Werebears (level 20/21), and you will need to remove their boss (level 21) in order to get to the chest sitting behind him. In it you will find the rug. Return to Ivan King for your reward.

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