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Each class archetype has a unique racial ability. These abilities have are all unique and useful in their own way. They typically have a fairly long cooldown. Racial abilities are obtained from a certain npc of the player's race. A simple quest must be completed before unlocking the racial ability.

Mage Specialist 

Astral Aegis:

Grants shield to ally that explodes when ally is attacked causing damage to enemy and knocks back enemy 15 yards. 2 minute cooldown.

Warden Huntmaster  Gaping Wound:

Pet's next attack forces target to attack it for 10 seconds. If cast on player, target deals 50% less damage to everyone, except the pet. 3 minute cooldown.

Summoner Defiler

Art of Reanimtion:

Increase minion vigor by 50% and decrease cooltime of minion spells by 30%. 3 minute cooldown.

Paladin Avenger 

Rousing Shout:

Decrease damage stored in all Holy Barriers. 2 minute cooldown.

Healer Inquisitor 

Unshakable Conviction:

Remove a control or slowing affect from party members. 2 minute cooldown.

Psionicist   Mentalist 

Sonic Wave:

Stun targets in cone area for 4 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.

Scout Stalker 

Throw Dagger:

Throw daggers at enemies in front of caster causing damage. 1 minute cooldown.

Warrior Vanquisher 

Harrassing Yell:

Reduces all opponent's movement speed and damage in 15 yards of caster. 3 minute cooldown.

Engineer Gunner 

Heavy Caliber:

 Causes astral damage to enemy. 2 minute cooldown.

Bard Agitator 

Strength of Word:

Weapon strike causes damage and silences target for 6 seconds. 1 minute cooldown.

Mage Sorcerer 

Astral Arrow:

Causes astral damage to enemy and knocks down. 2 minute cooldown.

Summoner Savant 

Dark Touch: 

Instantly fully heals minion. 3 minute cooldown.

Healer Heretic 

Warped Faith: 

Increases healing done by 20% for 30 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.

Psionicist   Occulist 

Magic Armor: 

Grants caster immunity to enemies spells for 5 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.

Warden Shaman 

Shaman's Flame: 

Brews potion that inflicts fire damage to enemies within 10 yard radius. Maximum of 5 potions can be held at a time. 

Paladin Reaver 

Exhaust Evil: 

Inflict damage to enemies in cone shaped area. 2 minute cooldown.

Warrior Brute 

Deafening Shout: 

Knocks down 5 enemies within 10 yard radius. 1 minute 30 seconds cooldown.

Scout Marauder 

No Escape: 

Leap forward 30 yards. 3 minute cooldown. 

Bard Balladeer 

Foul Blow: 

Weapon striker that causes damage and stuns for 4 seconds. 1 minute cooldown.

Mage Magician

Focused Mind: 

Prevents cast time interruption for 20 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.

Warden Druid

Pet's Aid: 

Instantly calls pet from ghost world and heals for 30% of it's health. 2 minute cooldown.

Summoner Warlock

Dust to Dust: 

Reduces 50% of damage received and inflicts it on pet. 2 minute cooldown.

Paladin Crusader

Zealous Blow: 

Inflict damage and additional damage every 2 seconds for 20 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.

Healer Cleric

Tensess' Shield: 

Grants caster shield for 30 seconds that absorbs a certain amount of damage. 2 minute cooldown.

Scout Ranger

Explosive Shot: 

Shot that does fire damage to all enemies with 10 yards. 1 minute cooldown.

Warrior Champion

Terrifying Shout: 

Fears 5 enemies within 10 yards for 4 seconds. 3 minute cooldown.

Engineer Mechanic

Close Circuit: 

Restore 35 energy over 7 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.

Bard Skald

Treacherous Strike: 

Weapon strike that inflicts damage and immobilizes target for 6 seconds. 1 minute cooldown.

Mage Archmage

Arcane Mastery: 

Increases vigor by 30% for next spell casted within 30 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.

Summoner Demonologist

Demonic Curse: 

Inflicts damage every 2 seconds for 16 seconds and heals summoner and minion. 3 minute cooldown.

Paladin Templar

Pious Words: 

Reduces healing received by the target for 20 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.

Healer Priest 

Vindictive Punishment: 

For 15 seconds target loses mana for each ability they use. 2 minute cooldown.

Psionicist Oracle

Concentration Anticipation: 

Applies 3 stacks of Concentration. 3 minute cooldown.

Bard Minstrel

Steel Luster: 

Weapon strike that inflicts damage and blinds target for 6 seconds. 1 minute cooldown.

Warden Animist 

Secret of Animists: 

Restores Target's health. 3 minute cooldown. 

Psionicist Seer 

Elevated Insight: 

Dodge all melee attacks for 5 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.

Scout Trickster

Crafty Snare: 

Immoblizes target for 5 seconds. 1 minute cooldown.

Warrior Brawler

Tricky Moves: 

Increases stamina and movement speed by 25% for 20 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.

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