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Race Archetype Class Racials
Arisen Summoner Savant Heal minions with a single touch

Psionicist Occultist Endures more mental stress

Healer Heretic Temporarily increase their faith

Mage Sorcerer Cast damaging spell of Astral energy

Orc Scout Marauder Skilled at finding enemies

Warden Shaman Shares damage with pet

Warrior Brute Temporarily increase their damage

Paladin Reaver Special attack, energy or mana burn

Xadaganians Summoner Defiler Temporarily increase their pets strength or expertise

Psionicist Mentalist Special state that protects them from damage

Warrior Vaquisher (Vanquisher) Temporarily increase their resistance to magical spells

Paladin Avenger Reduce party damage

Scout Stalker Can plant magical mines(minefield)

Elves Healer Priest Drain enemies mana

Summoner Demonologist Life drain, can transfer to party members

Paladin Templar Inflict heavy wounds

Mage Archmage Temporarily increase their intelligence

Gibberlings Psionicist Seer Foresee enemies attacks

Scout Trickster Can trap an enemy

Warden Animist Can train pets to draw attention to themselves

Warrior Brawler Temporarily increase their agility

Kanians Paladin Crusader Powerful blows when equipped with a spear

Mage Magician Can prevent their spells from being interrupted

Healer Cleric Cast divine shield on party members

Warrior Champion Increase the efficiency and strength of armor

Warden Druid Pets can scare enemies

Scout Ranger Can shoot an arrow that temporarily blinds an enemy

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