Player versus Player (PvP) is a type of gameplay that involves combat between several players. PvP conflicts include random encounters that can occur anywhere in the world, as well as organized events with specific rules and goals.

Flag of War

Faction-affiliated and Contested Areas

Players that enter an area that belongs to the opposing faction will not be able to lower their Flag of War. Be careful.

Contested Areas allow (or force) a mix of PvE and PvP gameplay. Flagging for PvP in these areas increases the experience that players receive from killing monsters.
Players that wish to avoid random PvP can be protected by the Flag of War mechanic, which prevents the enemy faction from attacking them in most cases. Flag of War can be turned on and off by clicking on its toggle near the character's portrait.

Certain actions can flag players for PvP without their approval, such as healing a flagged ally, attacking players or NPCs that belong to the opposing faction, entering certain areas or completing certain quest objectives. Many aspects of Allods Online are PvP-oriented, so it is impossible to play the entire game without risking or actively participating in PvP activities.

Flag of War is ignored by enemies that are affected by a War Banner. Such banners can be occasionally found as random loot in contested zones.

Organized PvP events

The end-game features of Allods Online include tournaments and large-scale Guild vs. Guild battles. Players that participate in such events receive important rewards and achievements.

Some skirmishes can only be started at specific times, while others require certain conditions to be met. They feature variations of popular multiplayer objectives such as "Capture the Flag", Domination and Assault.

Such events are balanced around the Item Shop mechanics. Paying players typically have a huge advantage over the rest of the participants.

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