I tested the values up to the Combining two Level 4 runes.

Values above that come from the following post by Soullessswed, and used with his permission (thanks :)):

He tested them with his character Кобейн (Wi.Sp guild), on server Владыки Астрала.

--IcecreamKitten 06:32, April 13, 2010 (UTC)

I plan to add in the FAQ's later on. :P Alexae 17:47, February 3, 2011 (UTC)

After some curve fitting in excel and much confusion over the seemingly random amounts of error, I have determined that the value is rounded twice. The formulas I added generate identical numbers and work for any level and slider setting. 22:23, May 13, 2011 (UTC)

Excellent job :) --Icecream Kitten Talk 17:03, May 14, 2011 (UTC)


For those who wish to skip the equations, I've added a link to a Calculator made by Shire. Alexae 09:49, May 15, 2011 (UTC) is offline. Does anyone know if the calculator survived on a different website? 19:37, October 23, 2011 (UTC)

Not to my knowledge. --Icecream Kitten Talk 06:09, October 24, 2011 (UTC)

New calculator

I made a new rune calculator, based on the formulas provided by the anonymous user above. I bet that Wikia isn't going to go offline in the next few decades, so it will be much more stable.

I don't remember what the other calcs were doing, but I think that this one has more than enough features. Feel free to put feedback or report any problems at this talk page.

Maybe it wouldn't hurt to put it on the main page for a while, so that people notice it faster... --Icecream Kitten Talk 21:58, November 3, 2011 (UTC)

I'll be adding two tables with all the slider info from -7 to 0 for levels 1 through 13. I'm not quite sure how the calc works, so I'll just leave the numbers for whoever can apply them. The reason I'm not doing this now is due to the wikia not allowing me to edit on my home computer, yet me not having the direct access to info on my work one. 14:41, May 27, 2012 (UTC)Demonkin Esther
The calc is based on the formulas that you can see below (is there something unclear on how it's used?). I'll have a look at your resource as well :)
Also, if there's a problem with editing because of wikia, you can ask the staff about it at Special:Contact.

BaseChips(n) = round(10 * 1.5n-2)
BaseGold(n) = round(100 * 1.5n-2)

AdjustedChips(m,n) = round(BaseChips(n) * 1.1m)
AdjustedGold(m,n) = round(BaseGold(n) * 2-m)

The equations describe the gold dust and crystal chips cost of a level n rune with a slider setting of m.

--Icecream Kitten Talk 19:32, May 29, 2012 (UTC)
Not that I don't understand formulas, just that I don't understand where it's at or how to edit it. So I'll leave it to the pro and just provide the numbers for ya  ;3 I'd gone through and wrote down all the numbers for upgrading runes, however I'd never documented the strength of as I do so once again, I'll be sure to write down the ATK/DEF so I can update the other table. 06:33, May 30, 2012 (UTC)Demonkin Esther

Approximate Cost section

Been staring (glaring) at the 'Approximate Cost' section and it doesn't seem to match up with any of the other sections. I put a note in there and wanted to bring up the option of deleting it entirely as it doesn't really serve a purpose anymore. 10:43, June 3, 2012 (UTC)Demonkin Esther

I took a good look at your resource, and it seems that nothing has changed in the last patches :) Good to know.
Could you provide an example of what exactly doesn't match in the "Approximate Cost" table? I checked it, and it fits completely both with the old tables, as well as with your own resource.
The approximate cost served as an example back in the old days, when we didn't have rune calculators and simply wanted to know what the price would look like for higher runes. Now we have this calculator, and it does perform that function (and anything else anyone would want to calculate, as far as I can tell). Still I think it's convenient to have all the numbers in a table, since not everyone will want to bother typing rune levels into the calculator to see how much it'll cost to make a level x rune at the default slider level.
For now I removed your notification from the page, first we'll need to see if anything is actually wrong.
--Icecream Kitten Talk 05:03, June 4, 2012 (UTC)
Derp, for some reason I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that it's including all the upgrades from the previous level. Checked the numbers as well and yes, they add up. I'm gonna go sit in a corner and think about what I've done :< 06:26, June 4, 2012 (UTC) Quick Edit: stupid login Demonkin Esther link 06:27, June 4, 2012 (UTC)

Rune Strengths

The rune strengths for defense may not be entirely accurate. What I've done is taken a rune, equipped it into a defense slot, and multiplied the results by 3 for the full defense numbers. This leads to small inaccuracies due to Allods' rounding procedures, but is a fairly close value to the true value. The only two truely accurate numbers would be lvl 5 and lvl 10, which is 1/3 and 1/2 respectively......

The above was what I was going to start saying about runes and how you shouldn't start deleting crap without providing input, but I just stumbled across the actual formula for defense runes while creating the post.

While R=Rune Level, a full defense of runes is: R/(10+R)

Demonkin Esther link 18:12, October 30, 2012 (UTC)

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