"Virtue, Faith, Order"
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Kanians are rightfully known as one of the mightiest races of Sarnaut, bearing the history of thousands of years of endless battles on their shoulders. Though they are not as strongly-built as Orcs or Pridens, their military education and unwavering faith in the Light often lead them to victory even when vastly outnumbered.


  • Life: Service
  • Death: Rest
  • Happiness: Reward
  • League: The future
  • Empire: A lost sheep
  • Astral: Battlefield
The Kanian Classes
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The common name for citizens of Kania is Kanians. Despite the fact that both the people of Kania and Xadagan belong to the same human race, events in their histories have led to a deep divide between those two. Fundamental differences in the way their societies are run and their openly blatant hostility towards each other has led the other inhabitants of Sarnaut to treat them as two separate nations.

In ancient times, the Kanians emerged from a strategic union of tribes after defeating the Orcs. From the very beginning of the settlement of Kania, the founding principles of the kingdom were a free state for all its citizens. This reflected its social order.

The Kanian nation is made up of provinces with equal rights, and any decisions affecting the whole nation are made by the Council of Deputies. This is one of the fundamental differences between them and the Xadaganians, who they believe suffer under the sole power of a single tyrant.

Although there are cities in Kania, its people prefer to live in small communities. The Kanians love nature, especially its beauty and colour. Before the Great Cataclysm shattered their lands, Kanians liked to establish their communities in picturesque locations such as meadows, light forests and birches. This allowed them to combine their physical labour with fresh air and a healthy quality of life.

Over time, these environmental factors had a strong influence on the appearance of the average Kanian. They are strong, stout; generally have brown-blonde hair. They are almost a head taller than their former kinsmen, the Xadaganians.

The Kanians staunchly believe that the only way to be truly happy is by following their ideals of legal democracy and personal freedoms. They are willing to fight to the death to protect this ideal, if they are required to. The population of Kania considers Xadaganians a threat to the free world. This means that the only acceptable outcome is complete and total victory over them.