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Wardens are masters of nature and all the power it holds. They can cast powerful offensive spells and call upon lightning bolts and thunderstorms to destroy their enemies. They can also create magical potions which can help them in battle.

Wardens have mastered close combat techniques and can easily rip an enemy to shreds. However, their most powerful tool is the ability to command a loyal and ferocious pet to aid them in their travels.

Wardens also hold the power to use two weapon classes, Fist Weapons and Staffs. This makes the Warden deadly at both mid-long range combat as well as melee.

Race, Classes and Special Skills

Warden Archetype is the basis for:

  • Druid
    Racial ability: Soothing Call Soothing Call - summons the pet and restores 30% of its health/energy.
  • Animist
    Racial ability: "Growl" - commands the warden’s pet to rush the target and force them to attack only the pet.
  • Shaman
    Racial ability: "Spiritual Link" - temporarily causes the warden and their pet to split all damage taken.

Wardens are able to use cloth at level 1, and leather at level 10. Armor & Equipment by Class


Warden talents include spells that heal allies or deal Physical and Lightning damage.


By completing World Mysteries wardens gain access to unique abilities:

Gift of Tensess Gift of Tensess

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