Neutral Title
Zayan de Desirae
Great Mage
Race: Elf (Humanoid)
Level: 50 Regular
Hostility: League - Empire
Location: Avilon
Rep. Faction: Historians

Zayan is Great Mage and the leader of Historians.

He can be located near the main Historians' camp in Avilon fighting with the beam from Darkblood Citadel.


Zayan de Desirae is one of the older Great Mages whose name is respected widely across the Sarnaut. One of his most important contributions was participating in the invention of the way to secure the remaining allods from being swallowed by the destructive power of the Astral. His authority among the Great Mages both from Empire and the League allows Historians, faction that he founded, neutral existence. He doesn't like intrigues therefore he resides away from elven lands on the allod of Avilon.

Featured In

Map avilon
Zayan de Desirae's location
Map avilon
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